Seminars will Resume October 2019

Through its UAMA Auto Tech Training Center (UATTC), UAMA will be conducting training seminars to better prepare Auto Dealers to meet all of the legal requirements for recording, issuing and maintaining appropriate auto sales and transaction records.

Seminar Dates:  October 2019

(Scheduled seminar depends on having a full set of 30 registered and paid participants)

Location: UAMA Offices

3148 E. Tremont Ave. 2nd Floor
Bronx NY, 10461

(631) 380-8262

If you have any questions about our seminars or how we can help your organization be in full operating  compliance with all city, state and federal laws of the automotive industry, have the best organizational structure of management / operation and have the most capable certified auto technicians, please call us to talk about how we can achieve this and more for you.

UAMA, the bridge to a healthy automotive industry.


Pedro Estevez, President/Founder &

Miguel A. Montes, Chief Operations Officer

For more information, call Miguel Montes – (929) 391-2789

UAMA – Main Offices
3148 E. Tremont Ave. 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10461

Registration Form – Spanish Click Here   English Click Here

Current Seminar Description

Seminar on Auto Dealers Sales Record Keeping Requirements

  • The correct way to maintain the Book Registry AKA – Police Book, Purchase and Sales Records
  • How to avoid mistakes while filing an MV50 (Do and don’ts according to the DMV)
  • The way to determine who is eligible for a Temporary Registration Certificate (Do and Don’ts and the danger of issuing a TRC)
  • The importance of filling a Bill of Sales correctly (Why, how and what it needs to be included)
  • Why and how a speedometer disclosure needs to be completed
  • How to file your records hardcopy and electronically and why they need to be handy
  • How to maintain the records of your Dealer’s plate program to avoid suspension from DMV
  • Issuing plates, In Transit Permits and all related questions about the program
  • Review all issues related to maintaining accurate dealership records

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