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The United Auto Merchants Association, or UAMA, is a non-profit organization and acts as a bridge to a healthy automotive industry. UAMA has been working with the automotive community in New York for the last 12 years. Through its Elite Auto Tech Training Center (EATTC), UAMA conducts two types of training seminars, one to prepare businesses to be in full operating compliance with the licence permit and regulation laws of the automotive industry. The other type of seminar provides business owners and staff with business management and training in the latest automotive technology to keep them up to date with the industry.  We offer 62 seminars to improve automotive professionals’ operational procedures and prepare mechanics for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exams.

Next Course Date: February 2020

Location: UAMA Offices

3150 E. Tremont Ave, 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10465

Please call 631-380-8262 if you have any questions about our programs or if you need financial assistance for business owners and employees. We can help your organization have the best operations structure and become certified auto technicians.

Pedro Estevez, President & Founder

UAMA – Main Offices

3505 E. Tremont Ave, 2nd Floor

Bronx, NY 10465

(631) 380-8262

Current Course Description

Basic-Level Training Seminars Specializing in Auto Technology and ASE Preparation for Certification Exams 

  • The correct way to maintain the Book Registry AKA – Police Book, Purchase and Sales Records
  • How to avoid mistakes while filing an MV50 (Do and don’ts according to the DMV)
  • The way to determine who is eligible for a Temporary Registration Certificate (Do and Don’ts and the danger of issuing a TRC) )
  • The importance of filling a Bill of Sales correctly (Why, how and what needs to be included)
  • Why and how a speedometer disclosure needs to be completed
  • How to file your records hard copy and electronically and why they need to be handy
  • How to maintain the records of your Dealer’s plate program to avoid suspension from DMV
  • Issuing plates, In Transit Permits and all related questions about the program
  • Review all issues related to maintaining accurate dealership records