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June 2017

The Automotive Merchant:

The United Auto Merchants Association (UAMA) a non-profit organization has been working with the automotive community of New York for the past 10 years.  UAMA through its Elite Automotive Tech Training Center (EATTC), and with ASE Master Technician – professor Jorge Suazo, will be conducting training seminars to better prepare mechanics for the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certification exam. Each seminar includes 4-5 hours of training and a corresponding Training Manuel.

  1. Seminar on Analytical Procedure of Diagnostic Code (6/28/17)
  2. Seminar on Air Conditioning (6/29/17)

NOTE: Classes are being rescheduled due to participants not registering on line in a timely fashion. New Dates Will Be Published Shortly!

Date:   Wednesday, June 28, 2017 and Thursday, June 29, 2017
(Dates Contingent on Full Seminar Enrollment)
Time:  6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Place:  UAMA Headquarters
1332 Commerce Ave
Bronx, NY 10461
Cost:    $125.00/  per seminar

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These are 2 of the 60 different seminars in preparation for the ASE Certification Exam that we will begin offering monthly.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your mechanics receive excellent training from our master technician.  If you are interested in these or future seminars visit our website at to register.  For more information, call Miguel, at 929-391-2789.

If you have any questions about our seminars or how we can help your organization be in Full Compliance, have the best Management/Operating organizational structure and have the best trained automotive technicians, please call me to discuss how we can best serve you.

UAMA, the Bridge to a Healthy Automotive Industry.

Miguel Montes – Chief Operating Officer
929-391-2789 ●
Pedro J. Estevez – President & Founder
631-380-8262 ●

Registration Form – Spanish Click Here   English Click Here

Current Seminar Description

Seminar on Analytical Procedure of Diagnostic Code

  • Most technicians have access and know how to use a Scanner to read diagnostic codes, but a diagnostic code does not necessarily mean that a part is defective.
  • Unfortunately when the technician finds diagnostic codes he proceeds to replace components then realizes that the fault has not been repaired.
  • The situation becomes difficult to explain to the customer the reason why the failure remains, the money has been invested in parts that are not returnable, the time and effort of the work cannot be charged and the client feels very annoying.
  • The public image of the business is affected and the frustration of the technician is notorious.
  • We will present the correct way to mend the diagnosis of codes in a simple and effective way from a rational point of view.

Seminar on Air Conditioning

  • This seminar presents a review of the fundamentals of air conditioning operating systems.
  • It presents the proper service procedures for the different systems including hybrid vehicles.
  • But the most outstanding is the explanation of modern systems using non-clutch variable displacement compressors and are permanently connected.
  • We will discuss aspects for the electronic diagnostics using Scanner and the test tool for variable displacement compressors.