NY News 12 (The Bronx): Dozens of auto repair shops coming to the Bronx

THE BRONX – More than 40 auto repair shops will soon be coming to the Bronx.
Pedro Estevez is the president and CEO of the United Auto Merchants Association. He plans to create a model for the automotive industry, the likes of which have never been seen.

“What I envision is to have an automotive center where every business is going to be closely monitored, full compliance and trained… and taught how to manage their business properly,”

Estevez says.

He hopes to start the center in an industrial zone of Hunts Point. The first 45 occupants will be auto shops relocating from Queens, whose owners say they were forced out by the city’s Economic Development Corporation.
The Queens businesses formed Sunrise Co-op, sued the city and were awarded more than $5 million, which will go toward the new state-of-the-art facility.

As crews work to get a vacant building ready for the nearly four dozen shop owners, community leaders still have some concerns regarding the move when it comes to added traffic in the area. Co-op City officials say the location will not cause any additional traffic jams.

The Hunts Point facility is expected to bring at least 100 jobs.

Officials say the businesses should be moved in by early 2016.

Source: News 12 (The Bronx)