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UAMA is a non-profit organization that helps with the development,  growth, and stability of small and mid-sized automotive  businesses, while being environmentally conscientious and enriching the community with knowledge.

Why Choose UAMA?
UAMA is the only 501©3 non-profit in the greater NYC metropolitan area that assists automotive repair / maintenance merchants with applying and obtaining the required certificates, permits and licenses necessary to operate in full compliance with the city, state and federal agencies that regulate the automotive industry.

In addition, we provide a full spectrum of training and professional services that educate business owners and their employees on how to automate and improve the management of their business affairs and increase the quantity and quality of their repair services.

Owners and employees are trained using the latest industry simulators and tools to test for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. An upgrade to ASE certification transitions mechanics from a Basic Level to more desirable and marketable Automotive Service Technicians level where they can then service all vehicles equipped with the latest technology.

On the business operations side, UAMA provides merchants with comprehensive organizational assessments of all their current business practices and identifies where modifications and improvements can be recommended to achieve a business model that improves management, service delivery, growth and profit.

UAMA has received numerous recognitions for servicing the NYC automotive repair / maintenance industry.

UAMA strives to handle every individual Member’s need fully and professionally while providing reliable support and dependable referral services when necessary.

In order for UAMA to be successful in assisting small to mid-sized automotive service / repair businesses in securing full city, state and federal operating compliance, we actively work with and maintain partnerships with the following agencies.

In order to operate an automotive repair / maintenance business in the United States / New York State, there are several city, state and federal guidelines, certificates, permits and licenses that must be acquired to meet industry operating compliance.


In order to operate an automotive repair / maintenance business in the United States / New York State, there are several city, state and federal guidelines, certificates, permits and licenses that must be acquired to meet industry operating compliance.

Initial Start-Up Business Requirements

As a start-up, businesses are required to establish themselves as an official business entity. In addition there are several documents to start operations and be able to open their doors to the public.
Official business models;
• Self-Proprietor
• Partnership
• Corporation

Regardless of which business model is chosen, they are required to also have;

  • Employment Identification Number (EIN)
  • Certificate of Authority (Tax ID)

Applying for Licenses & Permits

Once a business model is chosen, and the EIN and Tax ID are acquired, merchants must apply and obtain a variety of licenses and permits necessary for them to do business in the State of NY.

Some licenses require a bond; dealer’s bond price is based on applicant’s credit.

All study materials necessary to prepare for the tests that are required to receive the licenses or permits are provided by the corresponding agencies that issue the licenses or permits.
(All government / agency required application fees are the responsibility of the merchant / applicant.)

• Dept. of Buildings – Certificate of Occupancy
• NY State – Certificate of Incorporation
• IRS Employment – EIN
• NYS Tax / Finance – Certificate of Authority Registration
• DMV – Repair / Auto-body / Inspection Station License / Retail / Wholesale License
• NYFD – Certificate of Fitness for Air Compressor / Fire Permits
• DEC – Petroleum Bulk Storage
• DCA – Bonds / License
• DEP – Tier II Chemical Report

Assistance with Renewals and Amendments

Once acquired, at some point merchants are required to renew their Licenses & Permits
• All City and State automotive industry licenses or permits
• Amendments

If merchant desired to renew with anything different from the original; it requires changing the status of some document such as:
• Bonds
• Tax IDs
• Insurances
• Change of Corporation’s name, officers or addresses

(All government / agency required renewal & amendment fees are the responsibility of the merchant / applicant.)

Intervention with Industry / Agency Issues

UAMA represents and advocates for merchants who have industry related issues that can be handled by other than legal counsel. UAMA reviews each situation and according to the information provided by the merchant, assigns a professional to take appropriate action to resolve the issue by making phone calls, drafting letters, providing detailed explanations with the corresponding agency to resolve the matter.

Department of Environment Protection (DEP) Tier II Reports

Filing the Tier II annual Chemical’s Report is a mandatory action of all auto repair / auto body shops and other businesses handling chemicals that need to be reported to the DEP. Fees are set according to amount of chemicals reported. Not complying with this Law results in fines ranging from $500.00 to $5,000.00. UAMA assists with the filing of these reports.

Closing of Corporations

Merchants choosing to close their corporations must complete a required termination procedure with the NY State Taxation Department. All filing fees and any unpaid taxes must be reconciled in order to close a corporation.

If you are closing your New York business or if your out-of-state company will no longer conduct business in New York State, contact us for more information on the checklist to comply with New York State tax law.

Licenses & Permits Returns

The notification and / or return of your license or permit to the corresponding agencies that issues Licenses and Permits, is necessary and sometimes mandatory when closing a business. In some cases, a refund is issued to the licensed business if the closing takes place before their specific expiration date.


In addition to acquiring the certificates, permits and licenses, to operate in full compliance, there are numerous other steps to opening a new business. The following start-up services are provided by UAMA.

Location Acquisition

A major factor in a business’ success is location, location, location. Depending on the business desired, assistance is available in identifying  an adequate facility, building or land for lease or purchase with the proper Certificate of Occupancy according to the needs of the business.

Equipment Acquisition

In order for any business to experience steady growth and be able to provide up-to-date services, upgrades of staff skills and the equipment necessary to provide their services is ultimately necessary. UAMA can assist merchants in gaining access to, and funding for, the acquisition of the latest tools and equipment necessary to get the job done.

Business Counseling

All businesses, whether start-ups or long existing, at one point or another can benefit from sound advice. Having access to a formally qualified Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) consultant, provides access to business counselors and experts in the automotive industry. Merchants are provided with the assistance they need in assessing and modifying their business to help them along the road to success.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is recognized as a sound method by which like-minded professionals / individuals gather to discuss business situations and ideas to support one another with their individual and collective success. UAMA routinely hosts monthly networking sessions to discuss automotive industry updates and issues that impact merchants and the way they do business. Having the opportunity to be involved with other businesses exchanging service delivery and best management practices has proven to be invaluable for struggling businesses and start-ups.

Seminars and Workshops

Merchants need to be up-to-date with the latest automotive industry standards that ensure they are in full compliance and have proper operating procedures. UAMA conducts monthly training seminars and workshops that address the needs of merchants and their employees / mechanics. Mechanics are provided a series of seminars that train them on the latest skills necessary to test for Automotive Service Excellence Certification, which is the highest level of auto repair and maintenance services qualification in the industry. The workshops include business operating practices as well as industry laws, regulations and standards.  The seminars provide an introduction to and the use of the latest tools, equipment and training simulators in the auto repair / maintenance industry.

Insurance and Bonds

All merchants have one or more insurance policy they must possess in order to be in compliance and do business in NY State. These insurances for the automotive industry specifically include but are not limited to Liability Insurance, Garage keepers, Worker’s Compensation, Disability, Bonds and Dealer Plates. Finding a reputable insurance agent to provide you with this service is crucial to the success of your enterprise. UAMA has access to some of the best insurance agents in NYC who can assist Members in finding the most comprehensive coverage available at the most competitive rate possible.


Merchants who are confronted with situations where they need advice or assistance because they may not know how to comply or how to resolve an industry issue, such as, receiving summonses and violations, call on UAMA for assistance. When UAMA is unable to provide direct support in these matters, we are able to identify and refer professional and reliable industry experts to assist with the matter at hand.

Legal Counseling

All merchants at one time or another will need legal counsel to represent them in their business affairs. “The merchant, who represents himself in court, has a fool for a client.” UAMA has access to and can refer merchants to some of the best lawyers in NYC who can represent them on all legal matters including court proceedings.

Accounting and Taxation

Similar to legal counsel, merchants at one time or another may need an accountant and / or tax expert to handle their financial affairs. UAMA has access to and can refer merchants to reliable professional accounting and taxation services to manage their daily accounting needs and their quarterly and annual filing needs.

NYS DMV Plates and Issuing Program

For the convenience of consumers and the need for the in-house services of auto dealers, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) makes this program available for auto retail dealers. UAMA can provide all the assistance necessary to enroll any retail dealer in this program.

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